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Looking for a competent and reliable carpet cleaning service in Bowie, Md. ? Sir CleanAlot Carpet Cleaning is at your service! With years of experience, we have been providing our satisfied customers in the DC Metropolitan Area , Crofton, MD and Annapolis, MD as well as surrounding areas with first-rate service. Our professionally trained staff and environmentally friendly cleaning techniques have made us a local favorite.  Contact Us TODAY for our great specials.

Sir CleanAlot  Carpet Cleaning located in Bowie, Maryland offers a range of residential and commercial cleaning services, including one-time or regular cleaning appointments, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more. The quality of our service speaks for itself. Find out what our customers think about us and the work we do.
Attention Yelp users!  Please note, we have more than just 22 five star reviews on YELP. However, Yelp is refusing to display them, because we refuse to pay their $500.00 a month advertisment  fee (Extortion). You have to scroll all the way down to where it says not recommendent reviews grayed out at the bottom to see the rest of our 80 plus 5 star reviews.  Yelp has informed us that if we pay them they will show the rest ofour five star reviews (again we refuse). We're already number one, why would we pay anything. There is currently a lawsuit against Yelp by small business owners for this unfair business practice. We work hard for each and every one of our reviews, and believe the peoples voice should be heard. Epecially when it's positive :-). We also have more reviews on Google (87) located here and over 50 five star reviews on Thumbtack. That's a combined over 250 five star reviews from Google, Yelp and Thumbthack! If you leave a review on yelp, know that most likely, it will only appear to you and not any one else, if you checked the status on another device.

Carpet Cleaning 

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Upholstery/Mattress  Cleaning

Keep Your uphostery looking fresh and new. Find out how!

  Pressure Washing Decks and Patios Only    

Keep Your Deck and Patio looking new and your market value high. Take advantage of our Deck and Patio Special Today!

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Carpet Protector  


Repels dirt and Stains. Click below for details. 

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